Diggy Simmons Talks J. Cole Beef, Sibling Rivalry With The Hot Morning Crew

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Photo Credit: Ty Waterman/ BKS Photography

Photo Credit: Ty Waterman/ BKS Photography

The Hot Morning Crew sat with Diggy Simmons to talk all about his debut album, Unexpected Arrival, why he made the diss record towards J. Cole, talks with fans, & picks his favorite songs off the album.

During the interview Diggy went into detail about what really happened between J. Cole and his sister Vanessa. His sister approached him about two years ago saying that one of J. Cole’s songs seemed like it could have been about Vanessa, but she wanted to let Diggy know that it wasn’t true. Obviously Diggy took her side of the he-said/she-said and when he started recording his album some of his lyrics went naturally toward the situation with his sister and J. Cole!

When asked if Diggy wants to talk to J. Cole he said “I mean there’s nothing that needs to be said, you know, but its not like you know I hate him, or have super duper hard feelings, its just, you want respect for the people that you love.”

If you followed the show Run’s House then you’re familiar with Diggy not expecting to be the “rapper” from the family– at the time it looked like that would be Jo Jo. But there’s no sibling rivalry here. When asked what his brother’s response is to his success Diggy answered

“…So Proud, he was in music and stuff like that and I talk to him all the time. He’s just super proud and supportive of me, tells me his favorite songs on the album, he’s just proud, as I would be for him and as I am for him when anything good happens!”

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Diggy also took the time to mention some of the artists that impress him most, mentioning Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, and Common. And of course when asked how his father felt about Diggy becoming a rapper, he said that his father just took it and ran with it– He was happy because Diggy was happy, that’s all that Rev Run wants for his kids!

–Mike McKenzie, Hot 93.7

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