Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Talk Kicks With Joey Franchize

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Photo Cred: Joey Franchize, Hot 93.7

Photo Cred: Joey Franchize, Hot 93.7

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Joey Franchize sat down with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to talk kicks– and the meaning behind the track “Wing$” from their new album, The Heist.

The Heist recently dropped in October and features the single “Wing$,” a track that exposes consumerism and its effects. At first listen, the track may seem to be a “sneakerhead reality check.” However, Macklemore clarified that the lyrics were not meant to point fingers. “I wasn’t calling anybody out,” he explained. “I was calling myself out. I was more taking into accountability consumer culture, what it means to be a consumer, and how it started with me at such a young age [with Jordans].  The song is just about trying to fill the void inside us with material stuff. I am not saying abolish that, and [that] we got to get over this… [I am saying] this is a human characteristic trait.”

Macklemore thought the track and the music video were well received by sneakerheads, partially in part because the video contains throwback shots that many may find familiar. “A lot of those shots are based on the Spike Lee Nike commercials. If you are a real sneakerhead and you go back, you [will] see that it is a play on all these old Jordan commercials… so there is some sort of sentimental tie with that as well.”

Avid sneakerheads themselves, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis told us what they are most likely to rock when they perform:

“Vans all day,” said Ryan Lewis. “A plain shoe that you can wear often.”

“I go with the Jordan Ones,” replied Macklemore.  “They are just more comfortable, I need that ankle support on stage. The Ones [are] just a classic. I rock Vans, but I like to walk in the crowd… when I wear Vans, people try to take my shoes off.”


Tyler Roman, Hot 93.7/ Hartford

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