Jenny Boom Boom Sits Down With Lisa Ling Backstage At The Grammys

Lisa Ling stopped to talk to Jenny Boom Boom backstage at The Grammy Awards. She talked about her pregnancy and what she wants to name the baby, as well as her brand new show and still being on the “O” network.

Lisa Ling knows its going to be a girl, but does not want to make the baby name public yet.

Ling is well known not only by being on the “O” network, but also because of her brand new series called The Job. People go in for an interview and go through the entire process of getting “the job,” with major corporations worldwide… it’s a show to help out the average person.

Lisa wrapped up the interview talking about former president Bill Clinton and how he helped her sister get out of jail and escape the “hostage” situation that she was in.

This interview is great and helps you out personally with a lot. Check the full interview out here!

–Mike McKenzie, Hot 93.7/ Hartford

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