‘Killa Season’ To Killa Pink: How Cam’ron Landed His Own Color

by Bill Sencio

Cam’ron is no stranger when it comes to bold business moves, but his latest venture is his most colorful yet… literally.  The rapper now owns his own Pantone shade of pink, and he’s ready to start making it work for him.

This Fall will be a busy one for Cam’ron.  Not only does he have his long-awaited album Killa Season 2 and a film of the same name dropping in November, but he is collaborating with Reebok to release the Flea 2 sneakers as well as the all new Steel Socks.  The kicks and socks will be released in October as part of Cam’ron’s campaign to help support Breast Cancer Awareness, but they will also mark something even more special for the rapper… they’re made in the new color, which he owns.

“I just got my own color pink with Pantone, so now there’s a Killa Pink out there,” Cam’ron stated.  “You’re gonna be looking forward to paint, and makeup for the ladies, and a bunch of different stuff, now that I own my own color.”

Turns out if you do some leg work and have a few connections and some cash, you can actually OWN a color, which is just what Cam’ron decided to do.  “[Pantone] are the people who make all the colors in the world,” he said.  The move makes sense for Cam– not only is he the dude that’s been selling Ebola masks, capes and Mother’s Day cards, but he’s also one of the first artists who made it cool for thugs to wear pink– although he made sure to do some research before jumping in. “To be honest, it wasn’t something I was looking into,” he explained.  “But the pink thing, a lot of people started wearing it out and it’s carrying on to this day, so I said let me look into it and find out how to get my own color pink.  I did the homework and due diligence, and now it’s here.”

So now you own your own color.  What’s the next step?  That’s where Cam’ron gets to flex his entrepreneurial muscles.  “When you own your own color, you make your own deals with the makeup lines, or Sephora… then you go out to Lowes and Home Depot and give it to paint companies, then you go to Crayola and the crayon companies and see if you can license the Killer Pink and put it in Crayola,” he said.  “I’m about to go through the steps to see who I could work with now that I have the color.”

Cam’ron is clearly hyped for his colorful new project, and with luck we’ll start seeing Killa Pink join the rainbow everywhere from the makeup store, to the paint section, to the crayon box.  Between this and the wide variety of Dipset merch Cam has released on DipsetUSA.com, he’s definitely owning his new nickname.  “Right now, they’re calling me Bed Bath and Killa in the hood.”

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