Cam’ron On Dipset Reunion: ‘I Doubt It’

Almost as long as there has been a music game, there have been breakups.  Music groups will split up and go their separate ways, and sometimes get back together… or at least suggest a reunion is possible.  Cam’ron, however, was very straightforward when asked if we were likely to see a new album or tour from Dipset.

“To be honest, I doubt it. We tried to do it a year or two ago, everybody couldn’t get on the same page,” he said.  “They’re still my brothers, I love them to death, but it’s a different atmosphere when you’re on the ground and not on the ground. Everybody’s comfortable. Our schedules conflict, and some people’s work ethic is not the same as others, because everybody’s chilling.  When you’re hungry, you’ll do a million songs, you probably put out 10 to 15 mixtapes before an album.  Everybody’s just in a different place right now.”

Dipset’s 2014 reunion was incredibly well-received, bringing fans straight back to the mid-2000s, but it was ultimately short lived.  Cam admitted there wasn’t just one reason why the group couldn’t stay together… although it seems clear that the ongoing feuds between he and Jim Jones have a lot to do with it.

“There was a bunch of different reasons. I’m not one of those people who’s gonna get on the radio and tell you what don’t need to be said,” Cam’ron explained.  “You might call Jim Jones, and he’ll tell you whatever he wants to tell you because he likes to go on radio and tell business… whatever’s going on with us, I keep behind closed doors.  I’m pretty sure Jim would be willing to tell you whatever you want to hear, but I’m not that type of dude, I was raised different, and family business stays within the family.”

“Jim’s got his own problems, but I ain’t got no problem with Jim,” Cam continued.  “Jim gets on the radio and says what he wants to say, I have no problem with Jim and I don’t entertain Jim.  At the end of the day, I do what I do. I only hear about what Jim’s doing when somebody tells me he was on the radio blasting and whatever.”

So it seems like the Cam’ron-Jim Jones beef isn’t getting squashed anytime soon.  But Cam is still tight with the other members of Dipset, and he feels Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey are both mature enough to not feel like they’re caught in the middle of whatever problems there are between their two former bandmates. “Juelz is my man forever, and so is Zekey.  With Juelz, he ain’t really caught in the middle.  You can’t tell nobody who to be friends with and not to be friends with.”

“Juelz knows that I know he’s dealing with Jim and all that, but me and Juelz did business together,” he continued.  “Jim had nothing to do with the business we were doing.”

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