Lil Yachty Reacts to Biggie Backlash

"I'm sorry but I refuse to lie," he wrote. "If I don't listen to Biggie or think he is as big as everybody else why is that a problem. Lol. Who cares bro?"

By Hayden Wright

There’s a handful of rap pioneers and icons that exist beyond reproach— Notorious B.I.G. is among that pantheon. When Lil Yachty declared Biggie “overrated” yesterday, it kicked off a firestorm of controversy, but the rapper emerged on Twitter unbothered.

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“I’m sorry but I refuse to lie,” he wrote. “If I don’t listen to Biggie or think he is as big as everybody else why is that a problem? lol. Who cares, bro? I speak my mind. I might be the only new age artist speaking his mind.”

Yachty added that while he isn’t moved by Biggie’s career, he never denied its cultural significance.

“If you feel like I disrespected Biggie Idk what to tell u because I didn’t. I didn’t say he was bad or even that he wasn’t a legend. I said I felt he was over rated for the simple fact that if i would have said he was under-rated it still would have made blogs…”

Finally, he had a message for an older generation of hip-hop fans who stood aghast at his dismissive remarks:

“Because u old timb boot wear’ers know I don’t listen to him so then you would have called me out for lying on calling him under-rated right? Or maybe I should have said no comment right and said nothing? Lmao f— outta here ppl.”

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