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Migos and 2 Chainz Make it Rain on Past Presidents in ‘Deadz’ Video

By Amanda Wicks

Migos blend past and present in their new video for “Deadz” featuring 2 Chainz. They bury the past under stacks of cash and proclaim their rightful place in the present throughout the artistically constructed video.

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Although shot in the present, the video harkens back to the Civil War and the lingering history surrounding Atlanta. An orchestra plays outside in a town square while the smoky remnants of an explosion blow past. It feels as if a canon has just been fired rather than some more modern weapon.

Elsewhere in the video, the trio brings a literal meaning to “dead presidents” when they rap in a room displaying the bodies of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson (among others) laying in coffins. Armed with stacks of cash, Migos make it rain over their bodies in a societal role reversal that took more than a century to accomplish.

“Deadz” appears on Migos’ most recent album C U L T U R E. Watch the explicit video on


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