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DJ Bigg Mann

dj bigg man 1 DJ Bigg Mann

Win Tickets To See Travis Scott

Travis Scott is coming to the Toyota presents Oakdale Theater this April, and we want to send you to see the show.


Win Tickets To The 70s Soul Jam Live at Foxwoods

The 70s Soul Jam is coming to Foxwoods this May, and we want you to see the show!


Today’s Kick Rocks Award Goes To…

Check out what happened in this Florida high school.  I can’t believe it has come to this…


Today’s Kick Rocks Award Goes To…

I can’t make this stuff up!!!! This lady is doing this with her 4 year old son…


Today’s Kick Rocks Award Goes To…

Even if I told you, you would not believe this one. LOL.  You have to read this story. I can’t make this up.  Check it out here…


Today’s Kick Rocks Award Goes To…

Pennsylvania Mayor Charles Wasko!!!!! This elected official has been posting a series of racist memes targeting the POTUS and his family.  The outrage in this country needs to be directed to this guy. Check out […]


Toni Braxton Returns Home…

She has been released from the hospital and is resting at home.


Remember R&B Singer Avant??? Look At Him Now!!!!

Avant was recently photographed performing on stage and something is different about the way that he looks.


Episode 3: Moving Beyond Social Media

Social media is a platform we can all use to spread awareness… but where do we go from there?


Today’s Kick Rocks Award Goes To…

This guy in Sacramento, CA thought that it was a good ideal to walk up to the mayor and smash a pie in his face.



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