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Linda Reynolds

Late Night Love 1Comfortable, soothing and relaxing are just a few words that define the sound and personality of Linda Reynolds. Linda’s voice can be heard anywhere live on-line, throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Long Island, NY, intertwined with new and old school love songs and slow jams. Once you hear her voice and feel the love, you’re hooked on Late Night Love. Listen to Linda Reynolds on Hot 93.7 Sunday 11 p.m. – 1 a.m., and Monday through Thursday 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. Click Here to email Linda your Late Night Love shout outs & requests!


#throwbackthursday Jingle Jam 2006 with Da Gurls

Here’s another #TBT pic for you!

Hot 93.7–04/17/2014

Moylan Elementary School

Moylan School Charity Basketball Game 4/11/14

Here’s a few pictures from the Moylan School charity basketball game from this weekend!

Hot 93.7–04/11/2014

Freddie Fixer Parade 2007

#ThrowBackThursday Freddie Fixer Parade 2007

Remember the Freddie Fixer Parade (New Haven, CT)? I do.

Hot 93.7–04/10/2014

Puerto Rican Day Parade Bridgeport

Linda’s Late Night Love #throwbackthursday

Linda Reynolds has a #ThrowbackThursday pic to share with you!

Hot 93.7–04/03/2014

Hot 93.7 was still a baby station. Me, Nancy Barrow, Toshamakia, Jenny Boom Boom & China Doll back stage.

Hot Girls at Jingle Jam 2004

Back in 2004, Hot 93.7 was still a baby station, but we were already going strong with big shows like Hot Jam and Jingle Jam!

Hot 93.7–03/28/2014

linda 385

Late Night Love on Hot 93.7

One of my LNL fans made this for me… NICE!

Hot 93.7–03/18/2014

Hot 93.7's Studio

Welcome To My Spot In The Studio

Here’s me in the studio at Hot 93.7… Late Night Love every weeknight!

Hot 93.7–03/17/2014

Me, Alchemist, Kid Fresh & Mobb Deep back stage

#ThrowbackThursday: Hot 93.7′s Hot Jam

I’m getting in on the #TBT action!

Hot 93.7–03/13/2014

Back: Steve S, Big Regg, DJ Buck, Me (in green) Late Night & JRick. Front: Avant's people in yellow, Avant in the center w/black hat, Avant's people in Celtic's gear & Nancy Barrow pretty in pink.

Avant Meet & Greet 2003

Here’s a blast from the past! The Hot 93.7 crew meeting with Avant back in 2003…

Hot 93.7–03/05/2014

Finesse Mitchell - The Laughter

Late Night Love & Laughter with John Legend

Check out a few photos of me backstage at Love and Laughter…

Hot 93.7–02/17/2014