Linda Reynolds

Late Night Love 1Comfortable, soothing and relaxing are just a few words that define the sound and personality of Linda Reynolds. Linda’s voice can be heard anywhere live on-line, throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Long Island, NY, intertwined with new and old school love songs and slow jams. Once you hear her voice and feel the love, you’re hooked on Late Night Love. Listen to Linda Reynolds on Hot 93.7 Sunday 11 p.m. – 1 a.m., and Monday through Thursday 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. Click Here to email Linda your Late Night Love shout outs & requests!


Dave Chappelle Tickets!

4:30 p.m. For The Free Ticket Hook-up

Hot 93.7–08/22/2015


Reunion Tour 2

Saturday 8/22/15 Foxwoods Mase, The Lox, Mario Winans, 112  & Total

Hot 93.7–08/18/2015


One Hell Of A Night Tour Tickets

Hot 93.7–06/20/2015


Nas Tickets

I’ll hook you up to see Nas at Foxwoods on 6/26/15  at 4:45 p.m.!

Hot 93.7–06/13/2015

Liberty Honda May 24, 2015

Liberty Honda Hartford, CT

Here’s the scene at my appearance with the Hot Street Team at Liberty Honda in Hartford!

Hot 93.7–06/12/2015

Trey Songz1

#HotJam2015 #EblensHotSpot Trey Songz!!!!

Here’s me and Trey Songz backstage at Hot Jam 2015!

Hot 93.7–06/10/2015


Hot Jam 2015 at Foxwoods 6/5/15

Check out some of my pics from backstage at Hot Jam 2015 last Friday night!

Hot 93.7–06/09/2015


Ludacris Visits Hot 93.7’s Studio 3/25/15

One of my boyfriends in my head… LUDACRIS!

Hot 93.7–03/30/2015

Hot 93.7 Ladies 1/23/15

Hot 93.7’s HOT Ladies Friday 1/23/15

Left to Right” PJ, Nancy Barrow, Melissa, Jenny Boom Boom, Erica Lynn & Me in DJ Buck’s office.

Hot 93.7–01/24/2015