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50 Cent Brings Friday Night Fights to Foxwoods

50 Cent and SMS Promotions brought some big time action to the ring at Foxwoods for Friday Night Fights. See the photos here, courtesy of BKS Photographs



Photos: 50 Cent’s Birthday Bash @ Foxwoods

SMS Promotions & Official Business Inc presented the 50 Cent Bday Bash at Foxwoods! Check out the pics from the biggest party in CT, courtesy of BKS Photographs!


50 Cent (Jared C. Titlon/Getty Images)

Need a Copy of Trey Songz’s ‘Trigga’? Hit Up 50 Cent

While the likely preference is to make news for a Best Buy selling out of your album, 50 Cent went for the next best thing: he made Best Buy sell out of someone else’s album.


(Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Ja Rule: I Beat Up 50 Cent with a Crutch, Baseball Bat & Speaker

Crutches are meant to promote healing, but Ja Rule apparently didn’t get that memo.


50 Cent (Jared C. Titlon/Getty Images)

50 Cent Talks Tatted Up Holly and Why he Doesn’t Rap About Being Rich Anymore

“My issue with Game is I don’t know what happened with him, period. How can you have an assessment on someone who’s flip-flopped their entire career?”


(Sacha Waldman for Interscope/G-Unit Records)

Watch 50 Cent’s Simple, Radiant Video for ‘You Know’

50 Cent is sticking with a theme for the videos from his new album Animal Ambition: cars and puffy jackets.


(Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

50 Cent Opens Up About Shaniqua, His Son & More

Despite his success in music, boxing and business, 50 Cent still faces the same kinds of relationship struggles as everyone else. But the rapper was very candid when it came to talking about his struggling relationship with son Marquis and the teen’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.


50 Cent (Jared C. Titlon/Getty Images)

Talking Boxing With 50 Cent

Boxing is one of 50 Cent’s passions, but ever the entrepreneur, he’s found a way to enjoy the business as much as the bout. he talked about the sport, and his second annual Boxing Birthday Bash, with the Hot Morning Crew.


Photo Credit: DJ Buck, Hot 93.7

50 Cent Talks Balancing Business & Art

It’s the age-old question for many rappers– How do you balance artistic integrity with market-friendly business savvy? 50 Cent has managed to do just that, and he explained how– and who influenced him as a mogul– when he spoke to the Hot Morning Crew.