Photos: Cardi B Live @ Toads PlaceCardi B took over Toads Place on September 7th, and HOT93.7 has some exclusive pics to share! All photos courtesy BKS Photographs.
Cardi B Talks Bodak Yellow, Family and More with the Hot Morning CrewCardi B loves her new car... but she doesn't drive it!
Caliente En La Mañana! Cardi B!Cardi B!!!
Why You So Hot! Cardi B!Cardi B def slayed her First MTV VMAs Performance at the PreShow!
Did Nicki Minaj Diss Cardi B?Is it a reach or nah?
Cardi B Has a Few Words for her "New" HatersOvernight success? Whats that?
Caliente En La Mañana! Cardi B at the Dominican Parade!Cardi B was the Highlight of The Dominican Parade!
Ar'mon & Trey Mash Up
Drake Brings Out Cardi B at OVO Fest!Money mooooveees
Why You So Hot and Extra!
Why you so HOT and EXTRA!!!
Remy MA brings out the LADIES!

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